Our Process

Step 1: Defining Phase

During this stage, we need to find out as much about your company and its products and/or services as we can. Our account representatives will help you decide what functions and applications would be most beneficial to have on your website. To determine what type of design will fit your needs, we meet with you to complete a design brief.​
Step 2: Content And Design Phase
Initially we meet with you to determine content and navigation for your website. Upon approval of the content and navigation, the content and design brief is submitted to the Graphic Design Department. From this design brief, a custom layout is created and a ”mock-up” of what your home page will look like is sent for your review. Upon approval, we then create an interior page design.​
Step 3: Coding And Buildout Phase ​
After receiving the design sign-off, the design is sent to our Coding Department. At this point, we conduct a Mid-Project meeting with you to review the functionality of your website before coding it. During this stage, functionality is added to your website. All content, including imagery, will be loaded into the pages.​
Step 4: Testing And Deployment Phase ​
This phase is strictly dedicated to testing your now functioning website and making sure all links, applications and forms work properly. Before the website goes live, written final approval and sign-off from you is required.​
Step 5: Maintenance And Marketing Phase ​
Your website is now live, where do you go from here? We offer various website maintenance plans to help keep your website fresh and working properly. In addition, we offer plans to help you market your company. We maintain our websites on a monthly basis.​

About Us

We are having a team of passionate website designer and developers who have innovative skills and great understanding of how to make world class websites. They are always up to date of the latest digital trends and keep understanding of basic web development concepts which produce a successful website.

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